message from our elders

Hi Everyone.

This is Mark and Josh, the Pastors of Kingscross and we would like to introduce you to some of our members of the church, the first being some of our community group leaders.


As a Church we love being together and one of the ways we do we do this is through our mid-week Community groups. They are places  where you can get to know people in Kingscross and also where you can allow others to know you.


The groups each have their own flavour but are all centred around love for Jesus and a desire to grow in following Him. The leaders have a gracious desire to point people to Jesus. The groups gather at various locations around the city on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.


As Pastors and Elders, we desire that people are loved and discipled, and  community groups are an important part of both of these!


Much Love

Mark and Josh



This is where the real connection, belonging and growth happen. There are only a few things that we enjoy doing more than being and growing together. As we meet in small groups all over Perth, we have always enjoyed new faces and visitors. We would like to know you better and for you to know us in a genuine way. We usually dine together so be prepared with an empty tummy, an appetite to learn/ share  and a hunger to dwelve into God's word through practical biblical living.

  • Mosman Park

    Steve and Charlotte are super capable and have an up-and-at-em mentality.  They have a passionate desire to watch the people around them grow in Jesus and connect in a deep and meaningful way. they are loads of fun, and Steve's laugh can be heard a mile away! Charlotte who is a local, imported Steve from America.

  • menora

    Jibb and Tripthi are two of the loveliest people you could meet. Having met in Canada, they dated long distance and eventually married and settled in Perth. Their commitment as a young family is greatly admirable and their gentle mannerisms coupled with depth of maturity is such a gift to the community.


    Mark & Nas  love helping guide people towards gospel-centred living. They migrated from LA in response to God's calling and for the coffee. They have too many children to count. Nas is an RN, and in his spare time Mark loves to surf... with anyone who will surf with him. 

  • Girrawheen

    Josh and Anna are dynamic - real 'bang for your buck'. Josh serves as an Elder at Kingscross and is a carpenter by day... so he is a lot like Jesus. They'll welcome anyone into their home and are specifically excited to have new comers join their CG. They also have too many children to count.

  • darch

    Together with Andy and Jacqui, Rob and Cheryl co-lead this CG. They have three lovely adult kids and are very down to earth. They have a profound love for and trust in God, and bring their wisdom into the KC community. Cheryl loves photography and tells wonderful stories. Rob is loaded with gold nuggets of wisdom from the Word.


    Andy and Jacqui serve, and serve, and serve, and smile, and serve. They are incredibly gifted and such a blessing to KC. They have two wonderful daughters and together with Rob and Cheryl, they co-host a CG in Darch/Kingsley. The are all class!

  • Claremont

    Caleb and Haleigh have a deep love for being apprentices of Jesus. They are fun loving humans, who are genuinely interested in their community, family and friends. Haleigh, being a dietitian, loves food and the easiest way to win both of their hearts is through Mexican street food. Caleb loves surfing with anyone, but can’t seem to find anyone that will surf with him."

  • Middle Swan

    Steve and Jae with their three children live in a farm with uncountable number of animals. They are the most generous people you can meet. Steve plays drums, chops logs and loves Jesus. Jae is our poultry expert, an outstanding baker, a creative handcrafter and an amazing homeschooling mum. 

  • West Perth

    Meet Julian and Michela, this couple is fun, delightful and full of energy. They love Jesus and His people. Julian likes cooking and Mic likes anything crafty. They also love outdoor activities and hanging out with friend.