message from our elders

Hi Everyone.

This is Mark and Josh, the Pastors of Kingscross and we would like to introduce you to some of our members of the church, the first being some of our community group leaders.


As a Church we love being together and one of the ways we do we do this is through our mid-week Community groups. They are places  where you can get to know people in Kingscross and also where you can allow others to know you.


The groups each have their own flavour but are all centred around love for Jesus and a desire to grow in following Him. The leaders have a gracious desire to point people to Jesus. The groups gather at various locations around the city on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.


As Pastors and Elders, we desire that people are loved and discipled, and  community groups are an important part of both of these!


Much Love

Mark and Josh



This is where the real connection, belonging and growth happen. There are only a few things that we enjoy doing more than being and growing together. As we meet in small groups all over Perth, we have always enjoyed new faces and visitors. We would like to know you better and for you to know us in a genuine way. We usually dine together so be prepared with an empty tummy, an appetite to learn/ share  and a hunger to dwelve into God's word through practical biblical living.

  • cottesloe (WESTERN SUBURBS)

    Steve and Charlotte Gwyn lead a group of young adults at their home. They have a passionate desire to watch the people around them grow in Jesus and connect in a deep and meaningful way. All while having loads of fun too! Steve moved to Perth from America and Charlotte has lived in various parts of the world while growing up - contributing to an international cultural appreciation in the family.

  • menora (WESTERN SUBURBS)

    Jibb and Tripthi Smart are totally committed to sharing their homes welcoming families and young adults to their group at Mount Lawley. Having met in Canada where Trip's family resides, Jibb moved to Perth from Brisbane and have built their home here. Their commitment as a young family is greatly admirable and their gentle mannerisms coupled with depth of maturity is such a gift to the community.

  • SUBIACO (western suburbs)

    Mark & Nas Tapping love the word of God and help guide people towards Gospel-centred living. Originating from multi-cultural backgrounds - African, American, European, English - they migrated from Los Angeles in response to God's calling, and have made Perth their home where they raise their four beautiful children. In their spare time, Mark loves to surf and Nas is a gifted part-time make-up artist. 

  • Subiaco

    Josh and Anna will be hosting a CG this year. You may recognise their faces because they are also Elders at Kingscross. They'll welcome anyone into their home and are specifically excited to have new comers join their group. They have 4 young children, with Anna being a Photographer and Josh working in the Carpentry Industry.

  • Balcatta

    Malcolm and Liz are a beautiful couple who have raised 3 children, now adults. Based in Balcatta, they lead a thriving group whom they love to nurture and raise in the love of Christ. They moved here from New Zealand some 20 years ago. While Liz has a strong background in music, Malcolm enjoys biking after having sold his business years ago.

  • darch (north)

    Together with Andy and Jacqui Lea, Rob and Cheryl co-lead this community group. They have three lovely adult kids and are very down to earth. Their love for the community, a willingness to serve and open their homes are just a start that reflects their warmth and hospitality. Cheryl's love for photography and their stories make them a great couple to get to know.


    Andy and Jacqui Lea, parents of two lovely daughters together with Rob and Cheryl,  co-host a growing and dynamic group in the Northern Suburbs.  Known for their generosity, empathy and strong support especially for those in need, their dedication and commitment is par excellent to their group. Their immense experience and life stories would leave you amazed.


    Mary Roberts leads the Southern Group CG with grace and gentleness. Those who know Mary have described her as a beautiful woman who loves sharing the goodness of God to those around her. She is a mother to two gorgeous children and always makes space in her life to bless others.

  • manning (south)

    Adam and Kirsty Peterson are amongst the warmest and friendliest people you will meet. When Adam visited Perth a few years ago from Washington, little did he know that he was going to be calling Perth his permanent home. Together with their baby Indi, this CG is punctuated with interesting discussions and a genuine welcome.

online bible study

Ant and Emma lead an online Bible Study where they enjoy engaging with people as they read through the Word of God. These sessions take place on Zoom on Thursday nights. They have two lovely and talented children and are devoted parents. Ant teaches Science at Perth Modern and is almost always up for a coffee after his runs.

If you wish to join in, please feel free to contact us for more information.