We are humbled to be partnering with you as we grow together in Jesus. Here is what a typical journey with Kingscross  could look like for you:

1. Connecting - there are many opportunities where you can connect with us, depending on your preference and style. You can feel free to just join together with us on any of our big group get-togethers (either on Sunday in church or during our events), in smaller groups called Connect Groups, or just one-on-one meetings with our Church Elders.

2. Belonging: if you feel comfortable to take the next step, you are very welcomed to join in as a family member of our church. There is a membership class that is conducted to give you a chance to get to know us better and for us to know you as well. You are encouraged to deepen your relationship with God and others by joining in our Connect Groups which meet weekly in various homes in Perth. We are a family and what a family means is that we genuinely care for each other.

3. Grow: flourishing and growing as a family gives us a quiet peace and inner joy and serving is at the heart of this. We have reading resources that we encourage you to explore, listen to our weekly sermons and we continue to learn as we grow. If you feel that you would like to serve and are prepared to give to others in our community as well as the community at large, we would welcome for you to share your gifts and talents to the benefit of others through our ministries.