We have organised activities, gatherings and meetings around Perth in order to stay connected with each other. Check out our calendar of events and upcoming happenings here.

  • community groups

    All over Perth, from the North to the South of the River, we meet up in small groups where connection and spiritual growth is nurtured. It provides for a chance to share the love of God, to grow and to support each other in an authentic way.

  • sunday supper

    As a family of peoples who enjoy hanging out together, this family meal punctuated with activities and based on a theme is where we feast and enjoy an array of deliciously home-cooked food. Filled with fun, come and join in our Sunday Suppers.

  • unite & members meeting

    Once you feel like this is the church family that you would like to belong to, we invite you to join our Unite Membership Classes. We take your commitment to each other seriously and offer our commitment to your growth. 

  • green house WORSHIP & prayer

    Our worship & prayer meetings are at 5pm on Sundays every other month. They are beautiful times of resting in Gods presence as a group of brothers and sisters and just pray. 

  • bible study

    The foundation of our lives should be built upon the infallible truth of God's word. We love studying, researching, investigating, and discussing the Word of God. Facilitated around different suburbs in Perth, and in the city we invite you to study the Bible in a manner that will transform and impact your life.

  • special courses

    Keen on exploring the meaningful matters? Join in on one of the courses about  Christianity, Christian values in the market place, singleness, marriage, parenting etc.

Upcoming Events

Hang tight while we look up scheduled events...