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Listen to weekly sermons and messages here. You will be encouraged and challenged  in your spiritual journey. Most of all, our Gospel-centred messages seek to inspire you and equip you to apply and live out the gospel in every sphere of your life.

Some of our popular messages include:

- The Parables of Grace

- Is Jesus Truly Enough for You?

- Wisdom: Living a Meaningful Life

- Loving Justice

- The Sovereign Society

Practical application of the Word of God in your daily life.

read. insights on questions about life.

To those who are wonderfully curious. 

Our blog section seeks to further empower you with questions that you are or should be asking yourself so that you can have a closer walk with God and a more fulfilling relationship with those around you.

We welcome the cynics, the skeptics and open-minded questions, truly searching for deeper meaning in life. Feel free to comment on the discussion and share your opinions on our blog topics. Watch out for this space - to be launched soon.

learn. in house special courses

We also run special courses from time to time. These are based on the needs of our community and we strive to serve the best that we can. Some of our popular courses include those below. Do get in touch with us for further information on when these classes will be run and you can register your interest with us.

  • bible study

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  • alpha course

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  • marriage & 


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  • raising families

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  • marketplace & christian values

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  • unite & membership

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engaging resources

To add to the enjoyment of discovering God and His word, here are some invaluable resources and external links that we find to be very helpful. These include The Bible Project, Alpha Courses and The Bible Gateway.
The Bible Project has simplified the background and context of each book in the bible with its engaging illustrations.  

Its stories have captured the attention of even young children and helped with a unified understanding of the Bible. 

Alpha courses are extremely popular around the world.  

It covers very basic questions in life in an informal, open and discussional manner. 

You can glimpse some of the materials on their website as well as videos.

The Bible Gateway features leading authors and has a wealth of devotionals and materials to empower biblical living in modern times.

  • illustrated simply

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  • alpha course

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  • insights for life

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