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If you have questions about faith, life and church, here are some articles that may scratch the itch. 

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what is church?

Here is one attempt to explain "church" to those who have never been. 

In Perth, most people have never gone to church and most people don’t really know what it involves. So we would like to try and demystify it a little, by comparing it to a big family. Comparing the church to a family is an analogy that has been used for centuries and is usually very helpful. We call God our Father and we like to refer to other Christians as brothers and sisters. We have a similar connection, bond and responsibility to each other, as many would have with their own blood family.
Church is not a building, but the people. You could almost think of it as a collective noun for Christians; like a herd of elephants, a gaggle of geese, a swarm of bees and a mob of emus. It’s a church of Christians! Read our article here that elaborates the concept of church and the family.

jesus: god or lunatic?

This is the question of the century. Ask anyone about who they think Jesus is and you will get a myriad of answers, theories and ideas.

These opinions about Jesus include: a moral teacher, good man, community leader, prophet, absolute lunatic, God and many others.

The author C.S. Lewis once said about Jesus, “You can shut him up for a fool or you can fall at his feet and call him Lord and God.” But why did this intelligent man make such a polarising statement? Jesus’ claims give insight as to why Lewis said these things. If the average person made the following claims, they would certainly be described as crazy! But what if they are true?

Can a man claim that he is God? Or that he can raise himself from the dead? 

Read this article and let us know who you think Jesus is.


smart or foolish

My American History professor was a kind, serious and humble man. His mannerisms suggested he knew just enough. One day a clever classmate mistook his humility for ignorance. She began lecturing him, and it seemed she knew more than he did. He listened patiently and respectfully. When she was finished, he gently and quickly delivered the first intellectual knock out blow I had ever seen. Through a brief and gentle show of his intellectual capacity, my classmate was humbled into silence and a new found humility and respect. What we all realised is that he taught in this humble way, because he was speaking to chickens, not because he was one. His wisdom was far greater than ours. In our prior arrogance, we didn’t understand his humble teaching approach and couldn’t see his wisdom. Discover here on how often times God's wisdom is mistaken as foolishness in our own understanding.

bible: truth or myth?

Is the Bible Trustworthy or just a History Book? Is it filled with myth or truth? How can I trust the validity of the Bible? Where did it originate from? What is the Bible really?

Christians based their faith on the Bible that they call the Word of God. How can they be so sure that this book is God inspired and trustworthy? 

The best-selling book of all times, it consists of 66 books and divided two major sections called the Old Testament and New Testament (the record after the birth of Christ). It is a compilation of genealogy, history, prophecies, mysteries, poetry, songs, letters and the biography of Jesus told by his disciples in the Gospels.

Wondering if this is truly authentic? Watch this video entitled "Evidence that Demands a Verdict" from Josh McDowell and decide for yourself.