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We warmly invite you to join our Sunday service. We understand it can be uncomfortable to arrive as an 'outsider', but be assured that we will help you feel comfortable while you are with us. Here is what you can expect.

Sunday service starts at 10.00am and ends around 11.30am at The Third Place, Subiaco. There is ample parking space next to the Salvos Building.

If you have children, bring them! We would love to have your children join the fun activities planned for the children as they explore a personal relationship with God.

Find out more about the order of service, our worship and messages as well as Kids activities here. And if you wish to contact us to find out more, please just reach out.

just curious?

Just curious about Jesus, Church or the Bible? Or still a little skeptical about Christianity? We understand. We would be delighted to have the opportunity for a conversation with you about any questions you may have.

Just as a quick sneak peek, here are some of the most popular questions people have. Is Jesus really God or is He a lunatic? How can I know that His claims are real? Did he really rise from the dead or was this just a myth?

What about the Church? What is it? Can I not just worship God alone or attend church online? Is it really necessary today, in our modern world, to really bother to go to church?

Why do Christians profess that they base their faith on the Bible? Is it a trustworthy source and how did it come about in the first place? How can I know that the Bible is real? Read further and explore some initial thoughts.

questions and insights

The journey of life has it challenges. At times, we may go through doubts, questions, and skepticisms. Other times, we feel like our life is almost perfect. Yet, something stirs within us to seek deeper. 

We understand that there are contemporary and modern views on many commonly discussed subjects - some very popular today in Western Australia and the rest of our nation such as - Does God exist? Does God really love me? How do I know this? Why should I go to church when I rather play sport on a Sunday? What is the meaning of life? What happens at the end of life?

Write to us and we would love to respond to your questions. Meanwhile, here are some helpful resources along your way.

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And we would love to welcome you to our selection of events, activities, courses - come meet us and find out more.

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