how do you build your life?

The Final Words of John the Apostle

1 John 5:13-21


What are the most important resources that John wanted all Christians to have at the end of his experience and life? 

Here is a summary that will help you think about how the Son of Thunder became the Apostle of Love.

1. The truth about Jesus

2. Assurance of salvation (what a joy giver this is!) 

3. Fellowship with God

4. We are changed in the process. 

These nuggets will help you and others land these truths in real life decisions and practices. 

At the end of the day, the questions you should ask yourselves are:  

- How are you building (your life on Jesus)? 

- How are you fellowshipping with God? 

- How are you pursuing Jesus?  


In practice, reflect on: 

- Who has a Bible reading habit that works well for them? What is it?  

- How do you make time to fellowship with God in everyday life?  

- How do you prioritise all the available options you can insert into your life?  

- What habits help you connect with Jesus the best? 

- Do you have regular prayer times, and do you use a list, or prayers, or just talk to God?  

- Are there other ways to hear Gods word, other than reading the Bible?  

- Should I fill my time to capacity, or should I leave margin in my life? 

Building your life on Jesus, fellowshipping with God, and pursuing Jesus are real activities. These  activities fashion a peculiar people (Peter’s words). Pursuing Jesus among other things doesn’t work.  It’s unsatisfying to the soul. Yet it’s a popular choice. So let us put in practice this week on how we can work towards surrendering to Jesus's full claim over our lives, knowing that it is the safest place to be.

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