we belong

The people of Kingscross Church are our spiritual family. As a group of people coming from all over the world, we enjoy being together, supporting each other on our journey with Jesus. The Christian faith is not intended to be lived in isolation. We are made for relationship. So, we make every effort to meet together when we can, because as a family, we do not merely attend a local church in Perth, we really belong to God and to each other. 


We meet regularly, gather weekly in community groups, hang out and party together because we sincerely just love being with each other. There is something for almost everyone. There are all kinds of meet ups that happen; from Sports & Fitness (run up Jacob's ladder, catch a surf, go for a cycle, join a triathlon team, stroll at the park with our park walks) to photography, cooking to just catching up for a coffee or even a beer, there is just never a dull moment in our church life together.


Our joy is in serving God and we delight in being available and helping each other along our faith journey. There are always opportunities for everyone to be a part of our church and serve together. Be it in the Kids Ministry, the Live to Serve (Set Up and Logistics), the Worship Ministry (Music Band), Events Team or Missions Team etc, we welcome contribution from our members as they play a role in our KC Family.