for those who dare ask...

Some of these questions are ageless. Some are issues of today. Most of these topics have been debated widely. So let us hear what contemporary wisdom has to say and what God's word says about these discussions - and you can decide on which path you will follow. Watch out for this space - preview provided - soon to be launched  (work in progress still... )

  • no sex before marriage? outdated!

    Or is it really outdated?

    Today, living together is common and even advised for young couples considering marriage. In fact, in Western and Northern Europe, there is a steady decline in marriages as living together is more popular.

  • how can i find happiness?

    Books have been written as man seeks the pursuit of happiness. What does the Bible have to say about this? Why did Paul say that Christians should find joy in all times, be it in times of adversity or abundance. So how does joy differ from happiness?